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Hi, I'm Preeti Gopal, 

I help you design and lead a life aligned with your vision and values.


What led me here ?

For years I had been ticking all the 'right boxes.' Born and raised in India, I moved to Germany, mastered the language and have now been living and working across different cities in Germany for 20 years.

My personal life was fine and I was doing well in a promising corporate career. Life was comfortable. On the outside.

On the inside however, I started feeling restless.

Despite recognition and a fair amount of success, I felt like an impostor. Like I did'nt belong there. Most of what I did felt devoid of meaning and so I spent my days going through the motions. It felt like being trapped in a hamster wheel, doing busy work but making no meaningful impact.

I often wondered 'this can't be all there is, there's got to be more.' 

As the feeling of being stuck and stagnated kept getting stronger, I began to uncover the reason behind it. I realized that where I was in life, was largely a result of reactive, random and unconscious choices often based on what seemed normal, feasible or convenient. The nagging realization that I was leaving my growth in the hands of randomness kept gnawing at me. Somewhere along the way I had unconscioulsy given away my power to dream and to intentionally and consciously design my life.

You see 'doing fine and being comfortable' did not inspire and challenge me to grow into what I could be.'Fine and comfortable' did not nurture and blossom that powerful human spirit I've always felt within. 

My fork in the road

I longed to feel enthusiastic and purposeful. I craved to be and unleash the person I knew I could be. I immersed myself into finding my own answers. I worked with coaches, got trained by some of the world's best in personal development. Slowly but surely an inspiring and exciting vision started forming.And I started claiming my responsibility and power to live towards that vision.

I made the decision to quit my corporate career and following my insatiable curiosity for human potential, I embarked on a fascinating journey of learning and growth that led me to the field of life coaching. Today, I am passionate about and committed to making a transformative positive difference in my clients' lives. It feels like I have found my calling, it brings me a sense of purpose and fulfillment, it touches and awakens my human spirit. My favourite part of the day is waking up early every morning feeling grateful, excited and enthusiastic about the day ahead (that's coming a long way for someone who lived decades of her life believing and hence behaving like she's not 'a morning person.' (Tip : there's nothing like that. You can be who you choose to be !)

Why I can help you create transformation ? 


As a certified systemic life coach, I am equipped with intensive, science-backed coaching methods with ICF-accredited institutions. I have helped clients create transformation in areas of health and energy, finding a fulfilling career path, showing up authentically in the work they do, following their passions to fulfill more of their potential. 

As a life long learner, I continually invest in my personal and professional development, learning from the best through trainings, seminars, workshops, courses and books in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and personal development. The resulting and evolving skill set equips me to help empower and accelarate clients' growth.

With 15 years of work experience in the corporate world in varied leading roles across global organizations in India and Germany, I have gained vast know-how on organizational systems and processes and understand the demands and challenges a corporate career places on oneself. 

Living and travelling across different cultures and countries (Germany, Brazil, India) has helped hone my language and intercultural skils. I relate to and feel at home with people from around the globe. 

I believe that we all have within us all the answers we seek. All we have to do is uncover the layers we've collected over the years and allow our true unique selves to emerge, to express and to flourish. I believe in your personal power and through the power of effective (sometimes provocative) questions, I help you (re)connect with it. 

And finally, as fellow humans, I believe we all sail in the same boat. Our humanness makes us more similar than different. So if you're in a place where you long for more fulfillment and growth, I get you.

Because you know that powerful spirit I feel within ?

You feel it too. It's who you truly are. It is time to start listening to it.

Professional expertise and experience :

  • 15 years of corporate work experience in varied leading roles across medium and multinational global organizations in India and Germany. Areas of expertise include business process engineering and optimization, Project Management in Supply Chain, Reverse Supply Chain Management, 3PL Management, Logistics, Warehousing and Forwarding, SAP R/3, Lean Six Sigma, leading global cross functional project teams, regular presentations to senior and C-suite members. 

  • Systemic Life Coach, Switzerland (Coach Akademie Schweiz)

  • Systemic Business and Management Coach, Switzerland (Coach Akademie Schweiz)

  • Building Personal Resilience™ – HeartMath® Coach Certification

  • Limbic Coaching Institue Palo Alto 

  • Applied Neursoscience for Coaches (The Neuroscience Academy, Sydney) 

  • Master of Business Administration (Business Strategy) Heriot-Watt University

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Savitribai Phule University, Pune India

  • Supply Chain Professional 

  • Project Management Professional 

  • Six Sigma DMAIC Expert