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 A vision and goal-setting workshop to uncover your dreams.

Get clarity on what you truly want in life and create an inspiring vision board.


​Because “ if you can dream it , you can do it”, said Walt Disney.

The onset of a brand new year brings with it the promise of new beginnings,  new empowering perspectives, new opportunities that are yours for the taking.


You ask what I am going to do about these new chances ? How can I best make use of all that I am blessed with. What values do I want to be living by. How will I make the new year count ? What do I really want ? You’re excited and enthusiastic, you feel fire in your belly, you’re full of optimism and energy.

So this year (instead of making one-off resolutions that rarely survive the first few weeks of the new year), use the magical power of this energy you feel to DREAM AND CREATE A VISION OF YOUR BEST LIFE. YOUR BIG PICTURE. YOUR VISION BOARD.


What is a vision board ?


Do you ever catch yourself day dreaming and imagining yourself in scenarios that you desire…in a beautiful home you’ve been dreaming about, successfully doing work you love, spending beautiful moments with people who matter to you, holidaying on that exotic island, working towards a cause that really matters to you.

A vision board is the physical version you create of what you dream about in your imagintaion. Making a vision board is the creative and inspiring process of expressing your dreams on paper through your own words, your drawings and inspiring images that all beautifully reflect your dreams.


Why make a vision board ?


  • Making a vision board is a powerful way to start making your dreams come true.

  • Because in creating a vision board , you get clarity on what you truly deeply want in your life.

  • It helps strengthen your belief in your dreams. They become real and feasible. Because by expressing them you have set an intention of  working towards them.

  • Energy flows where focus goes. As you pay attention to it, your vision board serves as a powerful inspiration and motivation in keeping  you on track towards fulfilling those dreams (even when doubts creep in, especially when doubts creep in).

  • PS : Just to be clear…You still have to do the work. “Ideation without execution is delusion”- Thomas Edison.


This workshop will :


  • Help you get into state and connect to your dreams

  • Help you get clarity on what you want

  • Provide a guideline and framework for creating a holistic vision board as we include all crucial areas of life (health, relationships, career, lifestyle, personal values)

  • Be 4 hours of fun and crreativity in an inspiring ambience

  • Provide supplies like posters, chart paper, colour pens, pencils, glue, magazines to cut out favourite pictures from.

  • Champagne (and non-alcoholic drinks) and healthy snacks to get those creative juices flowing.


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