Begin now with a 1-hour free discovery session...

Get in touch and we begin with a free 1-hour powerful coaching session. In your free session you can already expect to gain key insights and clarity around your goal. I offer private 1-on-1 coaching in person (in Munich, Germany) or online. Coaching is offered in both English and German. 

Areas of transformation : 

  • Purposeful and fulfilling career 

  • Healthy balance across key areas of life 

  • Productivity and time management 

  • Optimizing Health and Energy

  • Simplifying and decluttering to optimize well being

  • Habit Coaching 

Our coaching takes a holistic approach and is personalized to address your specific needs, while following a science-backed framework proven to get results.Through coaching you gain valuable insights, tools and resources that empower and enable you to continue making sustainable progress in your life even beyond the coaching duration.

Private 1-1 coaching (in person or online) 

1) Living in Alignment Programme

This powerful program is designed to help you create a lasting transformation in key areas of your life. It sets you on a meaningful path towards your vision that gives you a sense of purpose, and fulfillment. We work on the mental, emotional, behavioural and spiritual levels to create lasting transformation. While coaching is customized to your individual needs and preferences, we follow a scientifically proven process framework. Allow yourself to go on an exciting journey to your best self. 

The duration and frequency of coaching is determined based on your needs and goals. A minimum of 4 sessions is required. You get access to email support in between sessions. 

Coaching results :

  • Get clear on what you truly want and what matters most to you (your values and vision)

  • Define inspiring, specific and actionable goals aligned with your vision.

  • Identify and resolve mental or environmental blocks that may be limiting you.

  • Design a strategic action plan towards your goal.

  • Build a robust system of daily habits and routines that ensures you implement your action plan consistently. 

  • Optimize your physical and mental energy levels through simple yet powerful practices.

  • Make a lasting shift in mindset and perspective that serves your well being. 

2) Breakthrough Session

This 2-hour session will help you get unstuck and gain valuable insight and clarity with a specific challenge you are facing.

You will see a way forward and define first steps you commit to taking. It includes a 1 hour follow-up call 2 weeks after session.

Group workshops and seminars (in person and online)

I conduct group seminars for corporate clients (on-site and remote). The topics include :

"Lead and succeed by embracing your feminine power" that I offer to the corporates.


"My Life My Vision"- an intensive and fun vision board workshop.A vision and goal-setting workshop to uncover your dreams. Get clarity on what you truly want in life and create an inspiring vision board in a fun and creative setting. Learn more about workshop