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 1:1 Deep Dive Transformational Coaching

This is not about acquiring new 'leadership skills' like learning how to communicate, or motivating people,  or embracing new tech, or bridging diversity, or or or.


Nor is it about getting advice on 'fixing' any issues.


Nothing needs fixing. And I have no advice to give. It would be irrelevant and of zero value to you anyway.

What you can expect is a deep dive transformative experience full of breakthrough insights, powerful questioning, shift in perspective, tools and practices- all designed to enable and empower you to access your own answers from within. The answers you've lost touch with, the answers you are not able to fully trust. But you know they're there, buried under all that weight. 

And so, this journey is about YOU. The human being YOU. The whole YOU. Not only the 'leader role' YOU. 

This is a journey of being, of becoming who you know yourself to be. 

Of (re)connecting with the wisdom of your highest self. 

Of discovering your TRUE NORTH = your unique gifts, your purpose, your values and your vision.

Of trusting and following the guidance of your inner voice, your intuition, your inner knowing.

Of aligning your thoughts, decisions, choices and actions to your TRUE NORTH.

And above all, this is a journey of letting go, of finally dropping all that burden you've felt compelled to carry around for years that's blurring your vision and dimming your natural spark and joy.

To then let shine forth your highest self- THE ALIGNED LEADER. 

And then you won't need to 'acquire those leadership skills.' They will ensue organically as a result of you showing up and 'leading' life as the ALIGNED LEADER. (Its called 'leading your life' for a reason).

People can't be fooled. They recognize a true leader when they see one. People see and sense your integrity, your authenticity, your service as a leader. And when they do, they naturally draw inspiration and motivation and come on board your vision choosing to give their best because now they trust you.

And you - You are now empowered to enrich your journey with inner ease, joy and fulfillment in addition to the outer success you are creating as you make your positive impact.

As Tonny Robbins say ' Success without fulfillment is ultimate failure.'

Now you are creating 'wholistic success and fulfillment. From the inside out. 

Imagine : what a beautiful life, creating success while making your impact and loving it every day. 


It's not only possible, it is essential. It is my deep belief that in today's challenging times of global unrest, what we most need is more leaders like you who awaken and unleash their ALIGNED LEADER and so serve, inspire and uplift others to do the same. So we can co-create a safer and better world. It is upto each one of us. That is my heart's mission, my purpose. Will you come on board ?


What you need to come on board - Your investment : 

  • a deep purpose and comittment to being the ALIGNED LEADER

  • openness to whatever comes up.

  • ca 2 hours per week. 

Coaching is offered in English und auf Deutsch. 

On Zoom or face-to-face (if you are in Greater Metropolitan Munich area, Germany)


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