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Why New Year resolutions don't work. And what does.

Wow time really flies… another year draws to a close.


Isn’t there something in the air about this time of the year that almost compels you to reflect ? You look back on the year gone by and reflect upon what your life has been like this year.

What person have you been and become, what opportunities did you seize and make the most of, what did you let go off, how have you grown as a person, how did you make this precious time matter ?

The onset of a brand new year brings with it the promise of new beginnings, new empowering perspectives, new opportunities that are yours for the taking. You feel grateful and are excited.

You ask what I am going to do about these new chances ? How can I best make use of all that I am blessed with. What values do I want to be living by. How will I make the new year count.

So you make resolutions, like every year this time around. You are losing those saddle bags by end of Q1, you are finally publishing that blog that’s been sitting in your journal for months now. You’re decluttering your cellar, your attic, your closet, your mind, your life !!

And as you write them down, you feel power within. This time around you are absolutely going to nail it, you just know it within ! This time around things are different,you are more disciplined, you are more excited, you have so much more energy and enthusiasm. And what’s more…you even have a plan !

2018…bring it on ! Can’t wait !


Cut to mid February (if you’re anything like me) or for the more resolute , to mid April 2018…that fire, that energy that enthusiasm all feel a bit doused now. The work towards those goals seems less like fun and more of a pain. You’re somehow trying to drag along until you really couldn’t be bothered.

So how and why did the magic and the fire in your belly at the onset of the new year disappear somewhere in the lousy grey darkness of January ? No no no you’re not lazy, or not-disciplined enough or a chronic procrastinator or just basically, well, a loser who ‘never’ manages to do anything well !

The magic, the fire , the enthusiasm, those, they were all real. Very real. After all you felt it in every cell !

Imagine making a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle without having seen what the result looks like. How likely are you to complete this puzzle ?

And so it is with resolutions we make in isolation. What is missing is the BIG PICTURE. Where and how do these resolutions, these goals you made fit into your big picture ? Once you know what you want your big picture to look like, aka your big WHY, working backwards you will be able to set more effective goals because now you know where they fit. And once you have clear compelling goals, they will PULL you to take the required steps , keeping that fire, that energy and enthusiasm alive and making your journey fun. Your journey towards your vision

A vision of your fulfilling life, a vision of your fulfilled self !

So this holiday season, create and express your vision. And start your 2018 with clear goals and let that magic and enthusiasm accompany you as you set about doing your best work.

Happy New Year !

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