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Don’t find your purpose.

Make it up. Create it. Invent it. Choose it.

Decide what it is.

And then align all your being and doing with your purpose- every day !

There s this thing called purpose anxiety-when you feel nervous, anxious about „finding“ that 1 true elusive purpose supposedly assigned cosmically only to you by someone/something you’re not even sure exists.

That 1 true purpose you feel you must seek and are not able to live and give fully until you „find“ it !

What a sad way to live !

Think about it- if we had a specific purpose assigned and if society needed for us to live it, why would it be hidden somewhere we probably never find it.

Why all this mystery around it ?

As we so often do, we have managed to complicate something that‘s simple and right in front of our eyes.

Because the truth is (in my opinion of course) there is no specific cosmic purpose assigned to each one of us. And even if there is, the intention cannot be to spend an entire life in pursuit of it with no guarantee of ever finding it, let alone living it.

I believe there is a higher purpose for us being here - it is to use our time and gifts and resources to enrich others’ and our own lives.

There you have it.

That is your purpose.

My purpose.

Every person‘s purpose.

How you do it is up to you.

It is a choice and decision you get to make.

You get to assign yourself a purpose.

You get to connect the dots of your life experiences, your gifts, your challenges, the pain, the wins, your dreams and yearnings to come up with your purpose.

Begin with where you are, with what you got.

By asking and then answering the question :

🌟What can I do to use my time, gifts and energy to improve life for others and hence for myself 🌟

There‘s no 1 right answer.

And there are no wrong answers either.

Anything you do in response to that question is purpose.

And you don t have just 1 purpose. Every role you play can have it’s own purpose.

Its not about „finding“ your purpose.

Its about living with and on purpose every day in every role.

You get to decide how you do that.

Simple enough to get started with ?


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