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 "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." 

- Anaïs Nin 

Does the above quote resonate with you ?

 You know deep down that there's more to you, more to living.

And that you are ready to uncover and unleash it.

But you're feeling kind of stuck.

Most people, when faced with feelings of being stuck

choose to escape them through denial and distraction.

You choose to take charge. You choose to create transformation.


Hi, I'm Preeti 


I am committed to helping you create transformation

from feeling stuck and unfulfilled

to experiencing growth, well-being and fulfillment.

HOW ? 

By helping you design your life in alignment with what matters most to you: your values and vision.

So what are your highest values and vision ?

Discover in a free 60-minutes impactful session...

In your free session you will start to gain key insights and clarity about your goal.

Our coaching journey then takes a holistic approach that is personalized to address your specific needs, while following a science-backed framework proven to get results.Through coaching you gain valuable insights and clarity about your values and vision, any limiting beliefs, resources, roadmap to your goals that empower you to continue making sustainable progress,  even beyond the coaching duration.

Areas of transformation : 

  • Purposeful and fulfilling career 

  • Healthy balance across key areas of life 

  • Productivity and time management 

  • Optimizing Health and Energy

  • Simplifying and decluttering to optimize well being

  • Habit Coaching 


" The coaching sessions were excellent. The coaching sessions were certainly of value to me. During coaching interactions, it was emphasized that any change that I want to make is entirely up to me. Hence I realize all the more that I am responsible for the outcomes of my actions or decisions. Coaching was very interactive, and a 2-way open communication.  It also gave me time to reflect/ think in detail. I started writing a daily gratitude and quotes journal, which helps to reflect on my day."

Prajakta, Managing Director,