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Leader means ?

Coaching for Aligned Living and Leading, I call it.

For whom - for leaders.

But I hesitate to state it like that.

It feels misplaced, unaligned to say “leaders.”

Because we ve come to associate leader with a title, a designation, a position of authority over others, with a certain kind of persona that must include a set of pre-defined traits and skills to be acquired externally.

But that is not what I mean when I say leader.

With leader, I mean any human who engages in the act of leading.

Leading as in :

- owning responsibility first & foremost for one’s own state, actions and consequences thereof.

- Oneself and/or others.

- Occasionally and/or daily.

- In personal and/or in professional sphere.

So in that sense is not each human a leader ?

And each leader human ?

Also I can’t see how there can be leading others without leading oneself first.


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