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'WHAT IS MY PURPOSE' made simple.

Pic of my Pomodoro clock set to 15 minutes to write this post. I took 2 hours :)

Do you ask yourself : 'What is my purpose?

Have you found an answer yet ? If you're still looking for an anwer, read on.

If you have your answer, please share in comments. I would be delighted to learn.

And also read on, because why not.

Do you love for things to be simple ? I definitely do.

And I especially love the process of simplfying something but without losing its essence.

But I also suck at it. As in - I tend to complicate it and then it can take me ages. Its fun though.

Probably because I also love to ask questions - especially the kinds, whose answers may take lifetimes to figure, if there ever is a 'figuring-out- of-a-definitive-answer.'

Anais Nin shared : "Truth is something which can't be told in a few words. Those who simplify the universe only reduce the expansion of its meaning."

Perhaps I am insisting on simplifying something that is 'simply unsimplifiable', into a simple path-breaking model (copyrightable© of course) that neatly fits as a SmartArt on 1 Powerpoint slide.

And yet its the journey of the asking, the seeking, the piecing together and simplifying of insights and learnings that in and of itself that gives me a high of sorts. It feels exhilarating, overwhleming and fulfilling.

Back to the question - 'What is my purpose ? ' How many times have I asked this and spent years seeking an answer to. Many answers I did get. But, like I said. I love to simplify it.

And this morning writing down my insights and ideas on a flipchart, I had that AHA that comes from being able to finally grasp and express something complex in a simple way.

So here I am sharing my simplified version of the often loaded question - 'What is my Purpose' ?

In the hope that you too find some AHA, some value, some insight, some clarity that you can put to use on your pursuit to your purpose.

Your PURPOSE IS TO G.I.V.E. (Mine too. Everybody's actually.)


I - IMPACT (the positive kind)


E - ETERNAL WISDOM (of one's soul connected with Universal wisdom).

Here's the coherent and simple sentence I came up with :

Your PURPOSE is to

Use your GIFTS to create positive IMPACT in a way that is

aligned with your VALUES and guided by ETERNAL wisdom

(of your Soul and the Universe).

Simple ? Complete ?

Yes. Begin with G for GIFTS :

We tend to see gifts as some extra special, world-changing , unique talents or qualifications or skills only we seem to have. Which most of us rarely believe we have, let alone identify as a gift.

So even this I have simplified (I told you I love to! ) .

Gifts are not only what you have to give to others. Gifts are also what you have been given. After all, you have been given these gifts so you may G.I.V.E your gifts forward. Agree ?

So start with the gifts you have no doubt you have : Your body, your mind, your energy, your attention, your time, your learnings from your life experiences.

Start with becoming aware of how you are using and how you choose to use these gifts. These are what make you uniquely YOU. The talents, skills and qualifications have their place but its easier to first get clear on the essential ones.

Questions you can ask yourself to get clarity :

What energy do I choose to bring to and radiate in every situation ?

What do I choose to believe (mindset) about myself, my worth, my value add, about life, about people, about what's possible ?

How do I choose to treat and use the gift of my physical body ?

Do I choose to use my attention to learn about and listen to others ?

How best do I want to use the gift of. time everyday ? Doing what ? With whom ?

See ? Simple ?

Get started here. Then explore your own answers to each of the G.I.V.E :

G - What are my gifts ?

I - How do I want to use them to create what kind of positive impact ?

V - What values do I want to hold myself to ? (eg Kindness, awareness, authenticity, integrity, service, trurthfulness, freedom, fun etc).

E - What eternal wisdom/guidance do I receive from my inner voice/my highest self/my soul/the Universe) that I choose to guide me ?

That's it for today. Before I go and complicate it again !

Have fun and love the journey :)




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