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Leader must...

Eveybody these days seems to be holding leaders to unmatchable standards.

„Leader is one who…..

„Leader must/must not…

To count as a great (not just good) leader you must :





Think for others

Not for yourself

Give credit

Take blame

Have compassion

Not self interests

Have courage

Not doubts

If you do have doubts

Have courage to say i have doubts

Communicate with love

But firmly so

Don t dare to fall every now & then into ego trap.

If you do you’re toxic.

Because you see we mere mortals are entitled to ego, not you. You have to be super human.

Oh yeah and through it all you also have to be vulnerable.

Else none of it counts !

My Gosh 😲

So many conditions.

So many prerequisites.

So many qualities.

So many skills.

So much pressure

So many demands

So many expectations

To be, to do, to have

To not be, not do, not have !!!

And I thought leaders are humans.

Like you and me.

Falliable yet lovable.

But I guess no they aren‘t (allowed to be).

Sorry leaders, my heart goes out to you !

From what I can tell :

Leaders (attempt to) give their best.

Leaders often dare to go first whether they feel like it or not.

I feel respect for that alone.

And as far as leading goes

None of us is exempt from it

Leading ourselves

Leading our own lives.

I feel like its not on leaders to inspire and uplift others.

Its on leaders (and all of us) to show up as a human being who lives and leads (oneself first) in alignment with your being as much as current awareness allows. Following the path of one s natural unfolding.

Inspiring and uplifting others may ensue as a by product of one showing up aligned.

But that s on others, not on leader.

And ultimately I believe everyone longs to be and show up as their real selves.

What then can be more inspiring than a leader who goes first in being and showing up as their real self ?

Every leader is human.

Every human (needs to be) a leader.

Aligned living and leading.

PS :

My love and respect for leaders is heartfelt and personal.

I was brought up by an inspiring, uplifting, great leader.

My father.

What made him a great leader was exactly what made him a great human being.

Aligned and Real 🩷

My sisters are leading his company and legacy forward.

His inspiring and uplifting guidance carries on beyond his physical existence.

That s the power of aligned living and leading as a human being 🙏


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